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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Water Prblems

Water problems (from A to Z)

    There's no doubt that the water problems in the world in general & in Egypt in particular became an urgent need to be solved. So, it was necessary to do a lot of researches to choose the best way to depend on.

    From within the researches we did:

1-Seawater desalination.

     It's the first thing we research about. Sea water desalination has been spreading in the world  very  fast. Specially in Arab Gulf States. This process depends on evaporating the water to separate the salts from it. Then, condensing the vapor then adding some important salts & minerals to the water to use it in the daily life.   

2-Nile wasteful water exploitation of Damietta and Rosetta Branch.

     The idea of this project is to exploit the waste water of the two downstream subs of the Nile River. 1.2 million cubic meter get lost annually in the Mediterranean. So, the Usage of this lost water will be very useful. This project is still the subject of many researches.

                                                 3-Water purification.

Millions of people die annually because of water pollution. This dangerous event began to spread quickly awesome because of the increased population and industrial revolutions overcrowding and mismanagement. So, water purification has become an urgent need to ensure the continuity of human life and even plants and animals. This field increases with the increasing of the water pollution.


4-Water vapor condensing devise.

     Water Vapor Condensing Devise ( WVCD ) is a new perfect project to solve the lack of water problem. The basic idea consists of : Hood - Air Filter - Filters group - cooling slab - condenser.
    The idea of this devise began in USA Army then got about to many armies then appeared for citizens. This devise can provide 71 liter of pure water daily. This means that it would meet the needs of five families.

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  1. Cool blog, man. Thanks some of these ideas and info were really helpful.




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